Aaron is amazing! He recommended some really good shoes for my flat feet. I had shin splints like CRAZY until I wore the shoes he told me to get. I am officially injury free! I love you Aaron!
-Heather Murphy
Dalan helped me so much! He did the gait analysis on me a few months before the summer snow run, and got me in the right shoes. Thanks to him I PR'd! Thanks Dalan!!
-Emily Lees
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Welcome to LetsRunRight.com! We are a specialty race company, with one end in sight....making sure you Run Right!

Running can be fun and exciting, but its hard to know exactly what support your body needs. Running in the wrong shoes all too often results in moderate to severe pain and injury. Unfortunately, if ignored, these injuries can often be permanent and end the joys of running for a lifetime.

We folks at RunRight know that this does not have to happen! Our goal is to help you have the most euphoric and injury free running experience possible! Knee pain, IT band issues, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis can all be injuries of the past, not hindrances to your future!

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Jan 25th 2014